Gallop Poll: Used a Grazing Muzzle?

Have you ever used a grazing muzzle to reduce a horse’s risk of laminitis or colic from consuming too much green grass at pasture? Please let us know by participating in H&R’s Gallop Poll.

A well-fitted grazing muzzle can limit the amount of grass a horse consumes. H&R file photo

The luxuriant, green grass of springtime can be dangerous for easy keepers or other horses prone to metabolic issues. And too much rich grass all at one time can easily lead to laminitis or colic in any horse.

So, we’d like to know: Have you ever successfully used a grazing muzzle to keep one or more of your horses from consuming too much pasture forage?

Please complete the poll, then check the results of this survey in the “Saddle Chat” section of our March 2018 issue to see how others responded.

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