Mane and Tail Solutions to Protect and Grow

Give your horse’s mane and tail a little TLC with these products.


Michaela Jaycox

There’s nothing more stunning than a horse with a long, lush mane and tail, and as horse owners we work hard to take care of our horse’s locks. But it can be harder than it seems. One way to keep your horse’s tail from getting pulled out during a riding session, or getting dirty during a horse show, is by braiding it. If your horse is especially messy, you may even look into a wrap, like this one from Rock’N Tail Bags ($20; This wrap allows your horse’s tail to stay tangle free and in show-ready condition at all times. 

Everyday Hair Care

1. Detangling Gel 
Comb through your horse’s hair with ease using detangling gel. Infused with argan oil, it’ll also provide deep conditioning and shine to his mane and tail. $13.25;

2. Mane and Tail Brush
This large, round head brush is comfortable to hold and allows you to brush your horse’s mane without pulling and breaking hairs. $8.88;

3. Growth Serum
This serum creates a healthy environment for hair follicles to achieve maximum hair growth. It’ll also keep hair soft to minimize breaking. Starting at $21.95; 

Tail Tip:
Use this before braiding his tail to help it stay tangle free ($11.99;



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