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5 Things to Consider in the Fight Against Flies

These 5 tips and reminders can help you do your best to protect your horse, as warm weather and flies return with a vengeance.
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It’s Not Narcolepsy—It’s Sleep Deprivation

If your horse is exhibiting strange sleep patterns, or appearing to be constantly sleepy, he might not be getting the rest he needs.
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Beautiful Arabian horse silhouette against morning sun shining t

Battle of the Pests: Mosquitoes vs. Flies

Both of these winged pests can bug you and your horse, understand their differences, and the risks that they pose.
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Vet performing equine dental
Horse with lots of fly in face

Your Complete Guide to Different Flies

To fight flies, you must know who you’re doing battle with. Check out these must-know fly species, and better understand your rival.
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HR_23SPG_Crabbe Hurting Horse 01

Is Your Horse Hurting?

How do you know if your horse is hurting? This tool can shed light on if your horse is in pain or discomfort, and how you can help.
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A mosquito bites an animal. A mosquito sits on a horse's nose

These Are the Risks Mosquitoes Pose to Your Horse

From bites to transmitting deadly diseases, don't let mosquitoes pose a threat to your horse - educate yourself and take action today.
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