Products for Your Horse’s Golden Years

Celebrate your horse’s golden years with products that show you care.

Brightwater Pottery

Looking for a special keepsake from that treasured senior horse? Located on the edge of Lake Michigan, Brightwater Pottery specializes in creating decorative ceramic horsehair plates and platters using hair from your horse’s mane or tail. These handmade works of art are a lasting tribute to great champions or beloved family horses.

Each piece is individually crafted on a potters’ wheel, then dried slowly and thoroughly before kiln firing. When the piece is removed from the kiln, your horse’s hair is immediately applied. The smoking horsehair burns a permanent carbon stain on the surface, resulting in a unique, permanent memorial unlike any other. Once cool, the surface is cleaned and allowed to dry before being sprayed with a protective layer of clear lacquer. (Note: Horsehair pottery is intended for decoration only; it should not be used for cooking or serving food and should not be put in the dishwasher, oven or microwave.) To learn more, email or look for Brightwater Pottery on Facebook.

Brightwater Pottery

Metabarol Pellets

We’ve all known so-called “easy keepers”—those horses whose weight must be monitored as they get older, lest they become obese and possibly develop Equine Metabolic Syndrome, which can lead to laminitis and other issues. Like older humans, senior equines are also prone to increased stiffness in their joints as they age, which poses yet another management problem.

What to do? Metabarol® Pellets were developed by Equithrive to help maintain optimum health and wellness in both “easy keepers” and stiff seniors. These palatable pellets contain a proprietary, highly bioavailable resveratrol product, Resverasyn®, which is scientifically proven to support healthy metabolic function in horses, as well as a healthy inflammatory response. Metabarol® Pellets are available in a convenient 3.3-lb. size. Order now and receive a $50 rebate for blood testing as part of the Metacare™ program from Equithrive. To learn more about both Metabarol and Metacare, visit the website or call (866) 721-1412.

Purchase Metabarol Pellets on Amazon. Click here to browse Equithrive’s line of products

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Metabarol® Pellets by Equithrive

Farnam Senior Health & Wellness

Science tell us that as horses age, their digestive systems become less efficient at absorbing the nutrients they need from their feed. It’s an unfortunate reality that can lead to poor health or a senior horse that simply isn’t thriving as he should.

Farnam® Senior Health & Wellness is a targeted, easy-to-digest supplement designed to help fill important nutritional gaps in senior horses that are either retired or in light work. A balanced protein-vitamin-mineral formula, it provides essential nutrients that help maintain a healthy digestive tract, including vital antioxidants, a combination of specific amino acids, fatty acids and a prebiotic yeast culture. The extruded nuggets work with any feed program. So whether your horse is on forage only or a diet consisting of both a fortified concentrate and forage, you can get him the nutrition he needs to look and feel his best. For more information, visit the Farnam website.

Purchase Farnam Senior Health & Wellness on Amazon!

Farnam Senior Health & Wellness


When it comes to age-related issues in equines, supplementation is a popular option to help promote overall health. After all, why not try to enrich your senior horse’s life as much as he has enriched yours?

Foxden Equine’s Quiessence® supplement contains a magnesium and chromium formula designed to support calm, balanced behavior in equines. While this is obviously a key benefit for horses of any age, Quiessence may also help reduce the crest in individuals that are prone to become cresty-necked. In addition, it could help reduce the tendency many such horses have to founder by supporting normal glucose metabolism. In other words, Quiessence can also be useful for elderly horses that are faced with metabolic conditions. Foxden Equine recommends being prepared this founder season by starting your horse on Quiessence before the spring grass appears. Visit the w website or call (540) 337-5450 for a free sample.

Purchase Quiessence on Amazon!

Foxden Equine’s Quiessence® supplements

Alzoo Equine Herbal Horse Collar

Biting insects cause horses stress and can trigger skin diseases or infections, especially in warmer climates. Spray-on repellents have long been the traditional way to address such insects. But in order for these to be effective, they have to be reapplied constantly. In addition, they can irritate horses’ skin.

The Alzoo Equine Herbal Collar is a 100 percent natural, non-invasive solution that is effective at repelling flies, mosquitoes, horseflies, gnats, gadflies and midges from horses, ponies, donkeys and miniatures. Using a patented polymer technology, a potent blend of natural essential oils in bound into each collar, allowing for a slow, controlled release. Over time, the formula migrates around your horse’s entire body to form an evaporative, protective halo. The innovative formula in this collar includes melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil, lavandin oil and geraniol—all effective insect repellents. The collar repels insects for three to five weeks; it is waterproof, sweatproof, comfortable and has no effect on social grooming.

Don’t forget to add the Alzoo Equine Herbal Collar to your senior horse’s must-have list! 

Alzoo Equine Herbal Horse Collar


Insulin resistance (aka Equine Metabolic Syndrome) is characterized by weight gain, fat deposits, bouts of laminitis and unhealthy insulin levels. As horses age, the risk of developing insulin resistance increases. Those suffering from Cushing’s disease (PPID) may also develop EMS.

InsulinWise, developed by Kentucky Performance Products, contains a proprietary blend of polyphenols and amino acids that support normal insulin regulation, which reduces the risk of unhealthy weight gain and laminitis in horses challenged by EMS. This supplement is research proven to sustain healthy metabolic function; support normal insulin levels; maintain healthy weight and fat distribution; and support normal structural integrity of the hoof laminae. InsulinWise can also be used to support normal insulin sensitivity in horses that are at risk for developing EMS. InsulinWise is sold only through licensed veterinarians, so ask your vet whether this product is right for your horse. For more information, visit the website or call (859) 873-2974.

Buy InsulinWise on Amazon! 

InsulinWise by Kentucky Performance Products

Platinum Performance® GI

A healthy digestive system will help your horse as he ages, because, as medical research has determined with humans, gut health is about far more than just a tummy-ache. In fact, it is becoming increasingly clear that digestive well-being—particularly the health of the microflora that inhabit the equine gut—has far-reaching implications in the overall health of the horse. Therefore, it goes without saying that supporting gut health should be a consideration when developing your senior equine’s regimen.

Platinum Performance® GI takes Platinum Performance® Equine one step further. Besides the ingredients for which Platinum Performance® Equine is known, it contains probiotics, prebiotics and glutamine for increased digestive support. In short, it carefully combines nutrients to support overall equine wellness as well as normal inflammatory and immune responses, with an emphasis on gastrointestinal health. To learn more, ask your equine veterinarian about Platinum Performance® GI, visit the website or call (800) 553-2400.

Platinum Performance® GI by Platinum Performance

Purina Equine Senior® Feeds

Like their human counterparts, today’s horses are living (and staying active) longer than ever. Many of the innovations and research conducted at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center have contributed to the optimal health of today’s horses.

Purina® Equine Senior® horse feed is the original senior feed that was launched in 1993 and has been helping senior horses ever since. As horses aged more gracefully, there became a need for a feed that could help meet the unique nutritional needs of the moderately active senior horse. That’s when Purina developed Equine Senior® Active horse feed as a more calorie-dense option designed for horses that can still chew and digest forage effectively. Equine Senior® Active horse feed also includes such nutritional breakthroughs as Purina’s Amplify® high-fat nugget for bloom and ActivAge™ prebiotic to support the optimal function of the aging immune system. To learn more, visit the website

Buy Purina Senior Active on Amazon or at your local feed store!

Purina Equine Senior® Feeds
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