Tip of the Week: An Alternative to Bran Mash

Give your horse a hot meal on one of these chilly winter nights with this alternative mash-up.

Make sure to test the temperature of the mash before feeding it to your horse to make sure it isn’t too hot! anakondasp/stock.adobe.com

Bran Mash used to be fed to horses on cold days to ward off colic, increase their water intake, and keep them warm. While we now know that bran mashes don’t actually offer those benefits and too much bran can lead to nutritional imbalances, we still want to give our horse’s a warm treat during the winter. 

Tip: As an alternative to bran mash, try using your usual grain as the base for a warm mash recipe. 

By using your regular feed, you’ll avoid causing any inadvertent digestive issues and you won’t be introducing something foreign to your horse’s diet. Simply add enough hot water to bring the grain to your desired consistency. You can even add cut-up carrots, apples, or other treats like molasses to make their meal extra tasty. 

While your horse might want a hot cup of grain every cold night, it’s best to only feed them this way every once in a while. Not all horses are going to like their meal served this way, but for most, it can be a warm treat on an extra chilly night. 

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