Tip of the Week: Increase Water Intake

Does your horse tend to drink less water during the colder months? Try this tip to up their water intake.

It’s no secret that horses often drink less water when it gets cold because they simply aren’t as thirsty. It’s important to monitor their water intake during these months to make sure they are drinking enough. A dehydrated horse can lead to all kinds of issues, especially colic. 

If you’re looking for a way to make your horse drink more water, try this tip. 

Tip: Soak alfalfa cubes or pellets in water and feed them to your horse. A scoop full of cubes can absorb almost a full bucket of water and your horse will love this tasty, mushy treat. If alfalfa isn’t in your horse’s diet, there are many other kinds of hay in pellet or cube form. Check your local feed store to see what options they have available. 

Remember to soak your cubes with enough water so they are easily broken up and become mushy.

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