Tips for Brighter Whites

Keep your horse's white markings looking their best with our tips for brighter whites.

If you have a horse with white socks or large white markings, you’ve probably come across an idea or two for removing stains. Try these tips for getting stains out and brightening whites:

• Wet the areas down, then rub them with sulfur. If they’re especially dirty, add some sawdust. When the hair is dry, brush out the sulfur-sawdust compound.
• Wet the area and lather with glycerine soap, then rinse and let dry.
• Rub white vinegar directly on the stain and rinse; for large white areas, dilute 1 cup white vinegar with 1 cup hot water.
• Using a toothbrush and a little water, rub in a small dab of Pearl Drops toothpaste and rinse.
• Apply cornstarch, baby powder, or chalk.
• Check your tack shop for products made specifically for cleaning white areas.

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