Trivia Challenge: Do You Know Why Horses Lose Weight?

1. True or False: Hay and grain are all that horses need to maintain a healthy weight. 


2. Which of these oils is best to help your horse gain weight? 

A. Wheat germ 

B. Corn oil 

C. Soybean oil 

D. All of the above 

[More on Weight Gain: 4 Ways to Help Your Horse Gain Weight]

3. True or False: The only way a feed can be beneficial for weight gain is if it has artificial fillers. 


4. These are some reasons a horse can lose weight: 

A. Dental issues 

B. Parasites 

C. Stress

D. All of the above 

How’d You Do? 

1. False- Sometimes basic hay and grain aren’t enough to maintain or add to your horse’s weight. Talk to your vet about other options and consider adding fat and protein supplements into their routine. 

2. D- All of the above. It’s important to supplement fat rather than just carbohydrates. An oil supplement is a great way to create stable energy and temperament for your horse whereas too much starch or carbohydrates can give them a “hot” temperament.  All of these oils have a healthy and balanced fat ratio. 

3. False- Artificial fillers usually do not have any health benefits and can fall into the starch or carbohydrate category as mentioned in question 2. It’s important to make sure every ingredient your horse is consuming is one with fat or protein so it will help with their weight gain rather than use their energy to process the ingredient without any benefit. 

4. D- All of the above. Causes for weight loss other than too much exercise and not enough food are often overlooked. If your horse is having a hard time keeping weight on and you feel his daily food regime is sufficient, ask your vet to take a look. He might recommend a heavy dose of dewormers to quickly kill off any parasites that your horse may have, suggest having their teeth done, or help you evaluate other factors contributing to their weight loss. 

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