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Safety on the Trail

Trail riding requires that the rider practice a degree of safety, but as the author found out, young people and horses are often unpredictable and will forgo safety equipment for the thrill.
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Teach Safe Tying

You can teach your horse to be less fearful and more patient. There are several methods used to teach a horse to stand tied; here, I'll explain my method.
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A Safe-Tying Method For Your Horse

It's tempting to tie your horse to a hitch with his reins during quick breaks, but no matter what, this isn't a safe move. If your rein-tied horse pulls back, he can easily injure his sensitive mouth tissues, or worse. He'll also likely break the reins.
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Using Reflectors

If you know you may be riding home along a road after dark, consider using reflector bands made for bicyclists. See the ideas in this article.
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Spring-Footing Tips

This spring, you and your horse may be the first to trudge through neglected trails, it may be difficult to guess what your footing will be like. Surfaces that appear hard and dry may mask gripping, sticky mud. New grass may not have deep roots to keep gr
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Extreme-Weather Strategies

Here's how to prepare for sudden extreme weather on the trail, and the lifesaving steps to take if caught in a storm.
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Urban Horseback Riders

The most notorious Urban Riders I've ever known were two of my daughter's friends, Anna and Andrea. For this pair, the city offered a multitude of trail-riding opportunities
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Safely Negotiate Tricky Terrain

Rugged trails can wreak havoc on your horse's feet and legs. Help keep him sound over a variety of terrain with this footing-specific guide.
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Sharing the Trail

In some cases, many users have access to trails, including bicycles, joggers, motorized vehicles, horses, dogs and walkers. Trail riding etiquette is important for everyone to have an enjoyable experience.
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