How to Properly Tie a Rope Halter

Learn how to tie a rope halter in five steps.

Learning how to properly tie a rope halter will keep your horse safe. 

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Step 1: Once you have the halter properly positioned on your horse’s head, take the end rope behind the loop and pull the rope downward and through the loophole.

The start of tying a rope halter will help set you up for successful, safe final knot.

Step 2: With the end of the rope through the loophole being held in your right hand, place your left thumb on the loophole.

Make sure the halter remains snug and properly fitted to your horse’s head throughout this process.

Step 3: Take the end of the rope that’s currently in your right hand and run it behind the loop towards your horse’s eye. To ensure your horse’s safety, the end of the rope should be BELOW the loop. If the knot is above the loop you may not be able to untie the knot, especially if you horse sets back and tightens the knot.

Make sure you are tying your knot on top of the halter’s loop.

Step 4: Now, take the end of the rope and run it through the new loop you created.

Pull the rope snug through the new loop you created.

Step 5: Pull the tail of the rope towards your horse’s hindquarters to secure the knot. So your horse’s eye doesn’t get poked, make sure the tail of the rope is pointed away from your horse’s eye. 

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The tail of the rope should be away from your horse’s eye.

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