Equi-Terr Equine Stall Flooring System, from R.K. Manufacturing, creates a stable, porous base for your horse’s stall. It features interlocking pavers for quick-and-easy installation. Pavers are made from durable but flexible recycled polyethylene plastic. A honeycomb structure provides stability, strength, and optimal drainage. Install the pavers over an aggregate layer, then fill panel cells with recommended fill material (such as a 50/50 pea gravel/stone dust mix). Then spread your favorite bedding.

Cost: $2.50 per square foot for less than one pallet (each pallet includes 180 pavers and will cover 386 square feet, or almost three 12-by-12-foot stalls); $2.25 per square foot for one to three pallets (which will cover up to eight 12-by-12-foot stalls). You’re responsible for freight costs.
Contact: Quarter Oaks Ranch LLC, (501) 888-7800; www.quarteroaksranch.com.

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