Horse&Rider Monthly: Volume 10 | Horse Health

From daily-health tips to critical issues, we have the advice to keep your horse feeling his best.

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You’re providing your horse with his daily-care essentials, but are you aware of the other lurking health issues that can be present in your horse? If your horse has a cough, it could be heaves! Learn how to handle heaves and discover the treatment options. Or if your horse comes up lame, it could be pain in his navicular bone! Dr. Barb Crabbe explains your options for dealing with navicular. You want to make sure you’re keeping your horse as healthy as you possibly can, Horse&Rider Monthly can help. 

In this edition of Horse&Rider Monthly, you’ll receive the following:

• Dos and don’ts for handling colic

• Learn how to handle heaves

• Navigate navicular with Dr. Barb Crabbe

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