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Volume 20 | Montana Must-See Trails

If you’re planning a trail riding adventure, make sure to add Montana to your destination list!
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Volume 30 | Guide to Grooming

Get to know Horse&Rider’s 2022 Trainer of the Year award winner Shauna Brown, plus see helpful grooming hacks.
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Volume 29 | Trailering Tips

Before you load your horse up and hit the road, you’ve got to read these trailering tips.
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Volume 19 | Summer Trail Riding Essentials

Are you ready for summertime trail rides? Don’t let the heat keep you from hitting the trail!
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Volume 18 Horse&Rider Trail Riding Monthly

Volume 18 | Ride the West Coast

Before you head out West for your next trail riding adventure, check out these must-see spots!
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Volume 28 | Summer in the Saddle

Summer is here! Are you and your horse ready for the hot weather?
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Horse&Rider Monthly: Volume 27 | Confidence in the Saddle

It’s time to become the most confident version of yourself in the saddle. Are you ready?
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Horse&Rider Monthly: Volume 26 | Youth 

Calling all youth! See why you should put on your boots and saddle up.
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