A Home For Every Horse Continues 10-Year Anniversary Celebration!

Equine rescue organizations are overwhelmed with taking care of the ever-growing homeless horse population. While the equine rescue situation remains dire, there are some truly wonderful moments and partnerships forged during the process. 

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The rescue organizations involved with A Home for Every Horse are provided with many great benefits. These come from the generous sponsors involved with the program, like Purina, Absorbine, WeatherBeeta, and Tractor Supply.  In addition to providing substantial donations throughout the year, these sponsors provide many great donations to rescues.

Purina Animal Nutrition, a business of Land O’Lakes, Inc. has donated more than 1,500 tons of feed to equine rescue organizations.

AHFEH Rescue Members, Purina, Budweiser, The American Horse Council, and the Equine Network all gather for a photo.

“Purina Animal Nutrition supports multiple organizations, including those that help horses in need and the people that care for them,” said Michael Jerina, Associate Marketing Manager, Purina. “Having the ability to connect our partners in AHFEH and the Anheuser-Busch Foundation to create a new relationship is a great example of this. Events like today’s check presentation are truly powerful in creating a better world for horses.”

A Home for Every Horse program helps connect rescue horses in need of homes. They work with over 600 rescues across the United States, with people looking for horses. To make the connection between rescue horses and homes, rescue organizations list their horses for free on Equine.com. This is the world’s largest horse marketplace. There are 300,000 visitors seeing them every month.

The United Horse Coalition (UHC), a program of the AHC Foundation, along with its partner, A Home For Every Horse received a $50,000 grant from the Anheuser-Busch Foundation

A Special Event

This year on September 14, A Home for Every Horse hosted a very special event for their rescue partners. It’s their 10-year celebration! The event took place at Anheuser-Busch’s Fort Collins Biergarten in partnership with Anheuser-Busch, Purina, and the American House Council.

Six Colorado-based rescues—Lucille’s Voice of Penrose, Allegiance Ranch and Equine Rescue of Erie, Terolyn Horse Rescue of Elizabeth, Colorado Horse Rescue of Longmont, Mile High Rescue of Centennial, and Drifters Hearts Hope of Franktown—were in attendance for the private VIP celebration, in appreciation of the good works and achievements of A Home For Every Horse’s rescue members over the years. There were gifts a-plenty for the rescue partners. Each rescue receiving bags of Purina feed off of the Clydesdale hitch. Rescues also received Purina RepleniMash. This nutritionally balanced and palatable mash provides nutrients to horses and their digestive systems. They also received A Home for Every Horse and Purina Flat Back buckets full of gifts and feed coupons.

The Crown Jewel

The crown jewel of the event was when The United Horse Coalition (UHC). This is a program of the AHC Foundation. Along with its partner, A Home For Every Horse received a $50,000 grant from the Anheuser-Busch Foundation.

“The United Horse Coalition, a program of the AHC Foundation, along with its partner, A Home For Every Horse, is dedicated to bridging the gap between equine rescue organizations and those that can assist them, and horses and owners in need of help.” stated American Horse Council & AHC Foundation President Julie Broadway. “We are very appreciative and excited to put these grant funds from the Anheuser-Busch Foundation to work to further our mission.”

The Anheuser-Busch Foundation, United Horse Coalition, American Horse Council, Purina, and A Home for Every Horse are dedicated to bridging the gap between rescue organizations and people that can help. Through A Home for Every Horse, over 10,000 horses have been adopted. Additionally, 1500 tons of Purina feed donated since the program’s inception, along with other assistance from the program’s sponsors. None of this work would be possible, however, without generous donations like the grant from the Anheuser-Busch Foundation. With continued support from A Home for Every Horse and their sponsors, loving, safe homes seem a little closer for the adoptable horses in the care of the program’s rescue partners. 

About the Anheuser- Busch Foundation

Anheuser-Busch, the Anheuser- Busch Foundation, and our employees nationwide unite by our unwavering commitment to supporting the communities we call home. From developing our future leaders and honoring our everyday heroes, we believe that it’s people who are at the heart of what makes our communities so great.

A Home for Every Horse

This content was provided by A Home For Every Horse, a resource for nonprofit horse rescues, sanctuaries, and care facilities. Rescue organizations involved with A Home For Every Horse are eligible for many benefits from program sponsors. Learn more at ahomeforeveryhorse.com.

It’s only thanks to our generous sponsors—Purina Horse Feed, Absorbine, WeatherBeeta, and Tractor Supply Co.—that A Home For Every Horse is able to provide necessary resources to more than 600 horse rescues per year. 

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