A Revolutionary New Way to Help Your Horse Recover


Bend, OR. June 15, 2024

EOR- Equine Oral Recovery Strips launched as the first and only patent pending equine oral film strip delivering energy metabolites.

A Step Forward for Supplements

Developed by a visionary equine sports medicine veterinarian, Patrick Young, DVM, these oral film strips dissolve on the horses gums and get absorbed directly through the mucous membranes over 10-20 minutes. (Listerine strip meets fruit roll up that delivers glucose, electrolytes and B12). Being delivered directly into the bloodstream provides rapid absorption improving hydration and recovery while avoiding further insult to the GI system and potential gastric ulcers.

Photo courtesy of EOR.

“In 26 years of equine veterinary practice, indubitably this product stands alone in increasing water consumption in finicky horses while on the road or in a foreign, stressful environment, like a horse show or equine hospital.  It fills a large void in the industry, will save veterinarians time and horse owners money by ensuring adequate hydration for their horse. We ask our horses to haul for hours without access to water, then are disappointed when they don’t perform well or get colicky,” said Dr. Young. “These revolutionary, patent pending EOR strips will be a game changer that transcends and compliments conventional methods of equine nutritional supplements. We  eventually plan to investigate pharmaceutical delivery in horses and livestock as well. Currently, we are focused on perfecting the OG formula and then rolling into the pipeline of nutritional supplements.”

The Technology

The two most impressive aspects of EOR strips are increased water consumption post application, and the oral film strip technology, itself. Moreover, the ability to wrap the mouthpiece of the bit, using it as a delivery mechanism, while being absorbed by the horses oral mucosa, directly into the bloodstream is avant-garde.

Meant to compliment other forms of supplementation due to the small fractions of available ingredients that comply with an oversized oral film strip. The initial production run of EOR strips does have an inconsistency with pliability, so an additional step is needed. The EOR strip may need to be wetted down prior to application. To be used when you need your horse to be its best and is under stress. 

EOR strips have the ability to wrap the mouthpiece of the bit, using it as a delivery mechanism. Photo courtesy of EOR.

“This is over a decade of development, I came up with this concept while training for an Ironman triathlon where periworkout nutrition is key. I realized that we don’t (and couldn’t at the time) really do anything remotely close to that for our equine athletes and riding partners, even though they sweat by a similar mechanism and the exercise physiology is comparable. EOR allows the horse to get a small boost of energy metabolites before, during and immediately after performance, instead of having to wait till cooled out for fear of colic.”

Learn more at Eorstrips.com

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