Arizona Fall Championship 2020 Ranch Riding

In recent years, the ranch riding has grown to be one of the most well-liked classes. The Arizona Fall Championship took note of the interest and has catered several classes to the ranch riding for 2020.

As the curtain was draw on the 2020 Arizona Fall Championship ranch riding classes, familiar faces rode out of the show pen as newly crowned winners. 

Laurel Denton won the L1 Ranch Riding FC2 and the Junior Ranch Riding FC1, while also taking reserve in the L1 Ranch Riding FC1. Laurel’s win in the L1 Ranch Riding was a special one aboard MC Earn Some Bens. 

“MC Earn Some Bens “Ben” owned by Bobbi Patton had colic surgery at the Sun Circuit and this was his first show back. Ben was reserve in the L1 Ranch Riding FC1 and came back to win the L1 Ranch Riding FC2,” Laurel explains. 

The Arizona Fall Championship has included more ranch riding classes and for a variety of levels of horses and riders. As Laurel was competing in her classes, she was also coaching riders in other classes to help them succeed.

“This show is not about my wins, it’s about the owners and their dreams. My husband Barry was here to help with lots of horses and people in lots of classes,” Laurel humbly states. 

Ranch Riding Derby

Bud Lyon & Crowd Pleaser $2,552

Debra Cooper & Lil Bev At The Bar $1,754.50

Ranch Riding L1 FC1

Brendan Brown & Peptoes Prescription

Laurel Denton & MC Earn Some Bens

Ranch Riding L1 FC2

Laurel Denton & MC Earn Some Bens

Dana Avila & Magnificent Dreamer

Junior Ranch Riding FC1

Laurel Denton & Metalic Cash

Bud Lyon & Still Chasin You

Junior Ranch Riding FC2

Gary Roberts & Merada Blue

Bud Lyon Still & Chasin You

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