The Ride #86: J.B. Zielke ‘The Lost Cowboy’

Close calls, world travels, horse cultures in every corner of the world - J.B. has seen it all. Listen, on this episode of The Ride.


This episode of The Ride is brought to you by Seen Through Horses.

In this episode of The Ride, Nichole and Devin sit down to chat with J.B. Zielke, better known as The Lost Cowboy on Instagram, about his travels across the world and what it’s like riding and ranching in different countries.

J.B. traveled to 6 continents to work on farms and ranches, experience horse culture in different corners of the world, and live a little bit on the edge. After his travels, he wrote a book to document his experiences, and shares the stories and lessons he learned around the world.

Photo Credit: Emmie Sperandeo
Image courtesy of J.B. Zielke

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