How to Avoid Choke

"Choke” is a blockage in your horse’s esophagus that makes it impossible for him to swallow.
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Stop a Spook on the Trail

Reduce the number of spooks you have on the trail with a ground-up approach.
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Saddle Horn Selection

The saddle horn plays a larger role in saddle selection and use than you might realize.
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Sharpen Your Corners

This often-overlooked concept can make or break your pattern work. Bonus: Use it to square-up your horse’s shoulders.
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Keep Your Horse in a Vet-Friendly Barn

A vet-friendly barn is one your veterinarian and farrier will love, as it makes it easier for them to provide top-notch care for your horse.
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Quickly Connect with Your Horse

Apply lessons from a former NCAA equestrian coach to quickly connect with a new horse, whether he’ll be a temporary mount or a long-term partner.
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Gentle Weaning

Skip the screaming. A low-stress weaning method will provide a kinder, gentler way to separate foal from mare.
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The Legendary Marions Girl

In this month’s Inspired Rider column, Bob Welch talks about cutting legend Marions Girl.
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Meet Minnie

After hunting for a new horse for several months, Jennifer Paulson finally finds Minnie.
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