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Advantages of Flag Work

You don’t have to work cattle with your horse to benefit from working the flag. Brad Barkemeyer shows you how you can add flag work to your riding routine to help teach your horse basic riding fundamentals.
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Common Mistakes When Riding Two-Handed

Are you guilty of making these mistakes when riding with two hands?
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5 Things I Learned Riding with Brad Barkemeyer

Editor Nichole Chirico had the opportunity to ride cow horses with Brad Barkemeyer for the Horse&Rider OnDemand shoot. Here's what she learned from her one-on-one lesson.
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Introduction to Two Rein • Riding Green Ranch Rider Through Cattle

Learn how to introduce your ranch riding horse to cattle for the first time with help from Bud. Watch as Brad works a horse in a two-rein setup.
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Grooming • Two-Rein Setup

Learn the importance of everyday grooming. What's a two-rein setup for cow horse events.
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3 Basic Signals for Stopping • Mental Prep for Daily Riding

Learn three basic signals for stopping; have a game plan before you ride.
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Crossfire Conundrum: Working Cow Horse Safety

Crossfiring—when your horse is on the wrong lead behind—will get you a penalty in many events. But when working a cow, it can jeopardize your working cow horse safety.
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