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Manage Your Emotions

Use an expert’s formula to create the emotional state that will make you a more confident, effective rider.
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Control His Feet to Be a More Confident, Effective Rider

Learn how to connect your horse’s hind feet to your hands to become a more confident, effective rider.
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Precisely Confident

Master precise transitions and you’ll become a more confident, effective rider.
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#ADayWithAmberley: Riding After the Accident

We are back with Sami Bayless and Amberley Snyder! Amberley explains how she started riding after her accident.
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Do You Have the 7 Qualities of a Horse Owner?

Owning horses is more than hopping on for a stroll around the pasture or acquiring a wall full of blue ribbons. In fact, being a horse owner requires certain qualities—check below to see if you’ve got ’em.
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10 Things All Riders Should Do

Make these actions and attitudes habitual and your proficiency as a rider will soar.
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Cones for Confident Riding

This simple, repetitive exercise improves your horse’s guidability and makes you a more confident, effective rider.
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Trail-Riding Confidence

Learn eight ways to be more confident on your trail ride.
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Mind Over Mechanics

Don’t agonize over the details of cueing. Instead, use your mind to develop three core qualities of a confident, effective rider.
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Ritual Will Cure Your Horse-Show Jitters

A pre-show ritual can do more than just cure your horse-show jitters; this one enables you to be focused, energized, and eager to perform.
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Ride With Soft Hands

Soft, feeling hands are a key component of good horsemanship. Learn exercises that will improve your hands and help you become a better rider.
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Lope With Impulsion

Learn to ride with impulsion and confidence as you encourage your horse to drive from behind at the lope.
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Confident Rider: Let Him Lope!

This ‘passenger exercise’ trains your horse to maintain a relaxed lope as you learn how to trust him and ‘let go’ and be a confident rider.
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Get Moving

This exercise challenges and promotes your in-saddle balance so you can begin to develop a truly independent seat.
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Change It Up!

This creative exercise is easy, fun, and guaranteed to get you focused on your riding—instead of your nerves.
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