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Where to Hold Your Rein Hand

Where you hold your rein hand matters. In this video, RL shows where you should place it while you compete
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On the Eighth Day of Christmas...

Winston Hansma tells us about fundamental cutting maneuvers.
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Using Your Hands to Train Young Cutters

RL breaks down how to use your hands when you're training on a young cutting horse.
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2-Year-Old Basics for Cutting

RL Chartier goes through the basic fundamentals that a 2-year-old cutter should have.
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How Lopers Prepare Horses for Trainer

Watch this video to learn about lopers and how they play a key role in a cutting horse's career.
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Sire Spotlight: High Brow Cat

Great stallions launch their careers in the show pen and create new generations in the breeding shed, but it’s up to their get to fashion truly remarkable sires into legends.
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Martingales for Cutting

Using a martingale in the practice pen can set you and your horse up for success in the show pen.
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Winston & RL Interview

Watch to learn about RL Chartier and Winston Hansma.
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Daily Cutting Bridles

RL Chartier shows his favorite bridles and explains why he uses them on particular horses.
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Dry Work for Working the Flag

Winston explains how dry work for the flag is similar to dry work to prepare for working cattle.
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Cow Psychology

Understand how to read cattle and learn cow psychology.
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Cutting Horse Conformation

Winston breaks down the conformation of a cutting horse.
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E46: The Ride - Chelsea Edsall

Don't miss this episode with YouTube sensation and non-pro rider, Chelsea Edsall!
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Working Your Horse on a Relaxed Rein

Hall of fame cutter Winston Hansma explains why you should work your cutting horse on a loose rein.
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The Fundamental Maneuvers of Cutting

Winston Hansma breaks down the basics of cutting.
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