Pain in the Neck

Problems in your horse’s neck can cause a wide range of confusing signs. These steps will help you sort things out.
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Healthy Feet for Happy Trails

Excellent hoof care is essential for all horses, but especially for those that travel the trail. Here’s what you need to know.
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The Lame Horse: Back to Basics

Is your horse lame? Confused and frustrated by the proliferation of diagnostic tools and treatment options available today? Relax. We’ll show you how good, old-fashioned horsemanship may still be the most important part of his recovery plan.
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A Foundation for Success

A horse’s soundness and ability to perform depend on his feet.
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Thoroughpin—Should I Worry?

A horse owner wonders what this hock condition means, and whether anything can be done for it.
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Reading Your Horse's Hooves

Your horse’s feet have a story to tell. Learn to read between the lines and determine whether that story’s telling you ‘I’m OK’ or ‘Help me now!’
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Bay horse running in a field.

Stocking Up In Horses

It may look worrisome, but in most cases swelling in a horse’s lower legs—stocking up—can be managed with a few simple steps.
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Strategies for 'Going Bare'

Making the transition from shod to barefoot is about to get easier, especially for the toughest cases.
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Muscle Maladies

Learn about PSSM and RER, two genetic muscle diseases behind the condition known as ‘tying up.’ We’ll tell you what they are, how they happen, and what you can do to minimize your horse’s risks.
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Keep Your All-Around Mount Sound promo image

Keep Your All-Around Mount Sound

Once you find the perfect all-around mount, you'll want to keep him sound. Use these tips from our experts.
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Therapeutic Equipment promo image

Therapeutic Equipment

Start here to get information on machines and gadgets that purport to help with healing.
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Readers React: Letters About "Star" promo image

Readers React: Letters About "Star"

In the October 2011 installment of This Horse Life, Sue Copeland brought up a touchy subject: drug testing. Readers reacted strongly to the sad story about a young cutting horse named ?Star.? Here?s a selection of those letters.
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How to Detect Lameness in Horses promo image

How to Detect Lameness in Horses

Clues about lameness in horses can be subtle, and it is important to detect these signs of lameness in horses soon for a speedy recovery. Here are six signs of lameness in horses to detect lameness in your horse.
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Learn Which of Your Horse's Legs Is Lame promo image

Learn Which of Your Horse's Legs Is Lame

In most cases, pinpointing lameness in your horse's legs isn't difficult if you follow these steps.
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Equine Acupuncture: Is It For Your Horse? promo image

Equine Acupuncture: Is It For Your Horse?

What is equine acupuncture, how does it work, when should you consider it, and where can you find a certified veterinary acupuncturist?
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