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Sire Spotlight: Frenchmans Guy

Losing his right eye as a yearling didn't stop this incredible palomino stallion from becoming a household name in the world of barrel racing and other Western disciplines.
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Dash Ta Fame

This all-time leading barrel horse sire actually found his claim to fame on the racetrack.
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Stress and Pain Management

How often are you having your horse examined vet a lameness vet?
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Barrel Racing Bits: Curb Straps

Molly Powell breaks down curb straps and their function.
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Barrel Racing Bits: Selecting for a Specific Issue

Listen in as Molly Powell breaks down her bit line and how each one can be paired with a specific type of horse.
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Understanding and Learning Rate

Your horse must understand how to collect up and rate to effectively turn the barrels.
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E23: The Ride - Sherry Cervi

In this episode we read you a profile on barrel racer Sherry Cervi.
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Walk. Ride. Rodeo.

Inspirational barrel racer Amberley Snyder was involved in a vehicular accident that change her life forever. Now you can see her movie Walk. Ride. Rodeo. on Netflix starting March 8, 2019.
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Fear Factor

Adjust your perspective to overcome your riding fear.
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