E54: The Ride- Kole Price

Winner of The Run for a Million, Kole Price, tells Nichole and Jillian all the details about his life-changing win at one of the biggest events in the horse industry.
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Chelsea announcing

E53: The Ride- Chelsea Sutton

Chelsea Sutton joins Jillian and Nichole to chat about her exciting career as a reining horse show announcer.
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Practice Your Pattern at Home

Ryan Rushing tells us why he likes to have his non-pros practice their reining patterns at home to prepare for a horse show.
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Putting Together a Reining Pattern

Ryan Rushing walks you through putting a reining pattern together.
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No More Wrong Leads

Learn to nail your lope transitions with this demonstration from world champion trainer Carol Metcalf.
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Saddle Placement

Ryan Rushing shows you how he likes his saddles to fit when he's saddling.
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Sire Spotlight: Wimpys Little Step

This famous palomino stallion slid his way into reining history and left an impactful mark with just three shows to his name. See how this NRHA $12 Million Dollar Sire and NRHA Hall of Fame member stole the hearts of everyone who has met him and became one of the greatest show and breeding horses in reining history.
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Headstall Adjustment

Ryan Rushing demonstrates how he adjusts his headstall before a ride to ensure proper fit and bit placement.
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Extra Support with Skid Boots

Ryan Rushing goes over the basics of skid boots and when you might use them in the reining and cow horse disciplines.
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Bridle Horse Tack and Gear

Before he gets started with his lessons for the day, Brad goes over what kind of tack and gear he has on his horse.
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Wrapping Hind Legs

Ryan Rushing shows you how he likes to wrap his horse's back legs.
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E46: The Ride - Chelsea Edsall

Don't miss this episode with YouTube sensation and non-pro rider, Chelsea Edsall!
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Horse&Rider OnDemand Releases New Reining Videos with Ryan Rushing

Rushing's videos expand Horse&Rider OnDemand's reining content.
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Front Leg Protection

Ryan Rushing goes over what leg gear he likes to use on his horses' front legs.
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Riding in the Show Pen

Your ride might feel different than it looked to the judges, so don’t get discouraged!
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