Working The Flag

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Staying Hooked on the Cow

Practice teaching your horse how to stay hooked on the cow by using the flag.
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Working a Horse on the Flag

Learn the benefits of working a young horse on the flag.
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The Fundamentals of Flag Work

Winston breaks down the fundamentals of flag work to help your horse make the transition to live cattle.
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Dry Work for Working the Flag

Winston explains how dry work for the flag is similar to dry work to prepare for working cattle.
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Using the Flag to Work Straight Lines

Learn how to use the flag to work straight lines to prepare for the show pen.
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Introducing the Flag

Brad Barkemeyer works with a rider who is new to the working cow horse. Before working with cattle, Brad teaches his rider how to properly work the flag.
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Introducing Rider to Working the Flag

When you come from a different discipline over to the working cow horse, it’s important to start on the flag before working with an actual cow.
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Bob Avila’s Winning Insights: Work the Flag

Think the flag is only for working cow horses? Think again! This tool can help reining horses with rollbacks and give any horse a needed change of focus.
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Working the Flag; Sidepass

Keep your horse patient when working the flag. Steps to teach your horse to sidepass.
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