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Pleasure of a Good Ride

He wasn’t a fancy-looking horse, but he helped preserve this reader’s confidence.
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Learning to Dance in the Rain

Horses opened up a new world for her. Now she hopes to give back to her community.
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A Gelding, a Mare, a Lesson

Does a mare or gelding make a better riding horse? This reader found the right answer.
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The Wisdom (and Challenges) of Age

A horse trainer and riding instructor reflects on the changes that come with growing older.
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Thinking About Johnny

There’s a certain kind of heartache only another horse lover can understand.
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What Price for a Plain Pony?

He was a homely little guy with kind eyes, a huge heart, and plenty of “kid miles” left in him.
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My Most Amazing 24 Hours

From Wisconsin to North Carolina to show a horse—and back again nearly the same day. Could she possibly do it?
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Horsemanship, 60 & Over

Learning to ride in your 60s poses unique challenges, but nothing you can’t overcome—with the right attitude.
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That Unreal, Fabulous Feeling

A teenager describes what it’s like to win big at a National Reined Cow Horse Association event in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Magical ‘Madigan Squeeze’

This newborn foal wouldn’t nurse. Then an odd new method worked exactly as described.
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A Frightening Thought

When her horse reared, this reader was scared in a way she hadn’t experienced before.
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A Horse of Many Talents

He’s a rare breed of horse in more ways than one. Meet the remarkable Thor of Hopehaven.
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A Ranch Riding ‘Adventure’

Have you ever forgotten your pattern in the middle of a go? It happens to the pros, too.
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‘Tired’ Out? Not This Pair

Her horse was a champ, until he met…a tire on the ground.
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An Insight Into Softness

The boy couldn’t understand what steering his bike had to do with riding his horse. Then he finally figured it out.
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