Western Horse Training Tips

Get in the saddle and improve your western horse training skills in Western horsemanship, showmanship at halter, reining, working cow horse, Western pleasure, and more. Find ways to improve your Western horsemanship patterns and trail patterns. From the horse showing arena to ground work in the round pen to trail riding on your horse, we have all the horse training tips for you.


Ride With Soft Hands

Soft, feeling hands are a key component of good horsemanship. Learn exercises that will improve your hands and help you become a better rider.


Upper-Body Pointers

The difference between first and second place in horsemanship classes lies in the details of your horsemanship position. One of those small items that’s easily overlooked when you’re showing is your upper-body position—especially your free arm and hand and both of your shoulders. Keeping these small details top of mind every time you ride means they’ll become second nature in the saddle.

Crack the Rollback promo image

Crack the Rollback

Use this rollback exercise at home to ensure that you stay out of the penalty box when you go show.

You can only get so far in learning to show without getting experienced help. When you do find a trainer or good mentor, accept the advice you’re given.

Learning to Show

It takes time to learn all the skills required for showing your horse well. Find success faster with my five recommendations.

teaching your horse to turn

Teaching Your Horse to Turn

Teaching your horse to turn will allow you to have more steering ability and control anytime you’re in the saddle.


Gallop Poll: Show in Springtime?

Showing your horse is fun and boosts your horsemanship. Horse&Rider wants to know whether you plan to hit the show pen this springtime. Tell us by participating in the Gallop Poll.


Fix Showmanship Dullness

Leslie Lange offers advice on how to fix dullness and achieve light contact in showmanship patterns.

Confidence and correctness will help you improve your showmanship score at your next horse show.

Showmanship Tune-Up

Mastering the showmanship starts at home. Here I’ll offer some advice and share different exercises you can practice with your horse to improve your score.

Precise halter fit enhances a horse’s features and improves your handle in a showmanship, performance halter, or halter class.

Best Show-Halter Fit

Adjust your show halter properly for an eye-appealing look and precise function in the competitive arena.