Click 'n Learn: Lead-Right Training with Clinton Anderson

Teaching your horse to lead willingly, in the proper position, reinforces his respectfulness and makes him a pleasure to handle. Use our Click 'n Learn stop-action sequence to see how Clinton Anderson brings around a horse that barges ahead on the lead line.

In the August '09 issue of Horse & Rider, clinician and Team Horse & Rider member Clinton Anderson and his student, Renee Humphries, demonstrate how to teach your horse to follow properly on the lead line.

Here, see how Clinton uses his leading hand to bring around and reposition a horse that barges ahead on the lead line.

Press the button on the left to play the sequence automatically all the way through at a speed of your choosing, or use the individual buttons on the right to proceed one image at a time.

[flipbook speed="400" coverurl="/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/clinton_anderson_lead_training (9).JPG"]

Clinton Anderson


-- Photos by Kevin McGowan