All-Purpose Chaps

When you’re out on the trail or in a versatility class, chink-style chaps, like these brown pull-up fashion chinks with floral yolks (#65-3298) from Weaver Leather protect your legs from brush and abrasion or polish off your Western turnout. In either situation, you’ll want to take these factors into consideration before you pick up a pair of your own.

• Fit: Just like full-length chaps, chinks should fit around your waist and thighs and be of adequate length. Take your measurements, and then find chinks to fit you. Proper length is mid-shin, excluding fringe.

• Budget: If your pocketbook’s bottomless, you can splurge on custom chaps in heavy-weight or fun, hair-on hides with intricately-tooled yolks. For a more budget-friendly option, choose lighter-weight (but still chap-appropriate) finished leather or suede.

• Care: Increase the longevity of chaps and chinks by cleaning and oiling them regularly, and don’t neglect fringe or tooled areas. This’ll ensure that the leather stays supple and free from water or sun discoloration.

• Purpose: Consider where you’ll wear your chinks most, and then be practical. Everyday riding’s best served by low-maintenance leathers that won’t show dirt, scratch, or ruin easily; a show pair should complement most of your outfits.

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