Around-the-Barn Sustainability

Green Horsekeeping

Start your sustainability journey by doing something that not only benefits earth, but also you, by installing an automatic waterer. The Drinking Post (starting at $439; offers an easy solution for watering your horse. This automatic waterer fills up when your horse presses his nose on the paddle. When he’s done drinking, the water drains out of the bowl and below the frost line—so you don’t ever have to worry about frozen water or algae growth! By using less water and no electricity, you’re stepping up in two ways to conserve resources.

1. Fighting Flies
Stop using harmful pesticides and start using a natural form of fly control that stops flies before they become adults. Fly Predators are virtually unnoticeable bugs that you sprinkle in areas your horse commonly excretes. Contact for pricing;

2. Easy Washing
Washing your horse just got easier. eZall saves water, soap, and time by only spraying when you have the nozzle in the “on” position. As a bonus, this body wash is a bio-based product, so it’s safe for nature and your horse’s skin. $39.79;

3. Rotational Grazing
Prevent overgrazing by implementing rotational grazing. Using hot wire, fence a minimum of four portions of your pasture into sections with each section connected by gates to a dry lot that houses water, shelter, and hay. Rotate horses every seven days to allow the pasture to rest.


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