How to Be a Horse Friend

Horse owners can be hard to navigate—they aren't "normal" people. Don't worry though, we have some advice on how to be a good horse friend.

1. When your friend calls you to tell you that she wants to sell her horse, tell her that she is a talented rider and will overcome this bump in the road. Offer tips and resources to help her out of her slump. Let her know she isn’t alone with her struggles.

2. When your friend is about to go out into public after riding, don’t try to force her into changing her clothes. She’s comfortable in her dirty jeans and boots. Just make sure the hay particles are out of her hair and she will be ready for a night out on the town.

3. When someone tells your friend riding horses isn’t a sport, hold her back and tell the person to move along. Know that this is a hill she will die on. Anyone who argues against her will have to listen to a 10-page summary of why horseback riding is indeed a sport. 

4. When your friend calls you frantic that her horse is colicking, grab your keys and head over to her house as fast as you can. Whether you know anything about horses or not, you will be a helping hand until the vet arrives. 

5. When your friend tells you she doesn’t have the time—or money—to go out for lunch or shopping, understand that it’s not because she doesn’t want to spend time with you. She wants to spend time with you, but she’d rather spend time at the barn. 


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