It Was a Blessing in Disguise When…

You describe a misfortune that turned into something positive for you or your horse.

My mare lost her foal. It was sad, but the resulting sequence of events (buying another horse, needing more land) led directly to the nice horse property I have now.

Credit: Illustration by Navah Rae Adams

Evie Lee Carolson, Oregon

My colt bucked me off. I broke my foot and couldn’t ride for months. During that time I put him through the groundwork he probably should’ve had in the first place. Now I’m back riding, and we’re an awesome team.

Julie Gonzales, Texas

The barn burned down. We’d been there just a year, and I was devastated. Then we discovered another barn, just as close by, where I now lease a horse and have the most amazing barn family.

Lydia Peniston, Kansas

My lesson horse scared me. I worked hard to form a bond with that feisty horse, however, and Tazor has taught me how to be a better horsewoman.

Cristiana Moyer, Alaska

I had a wreck. At 35, I was thrown into a tree—broken hip, pelvis, ribs, and a concussion. I thought I was paralyzed, but I learned anything is survivable with faith. I healed up and was released to ride two years later. At 66, I’m still riding. Woo-hoo!

Sandy Swift, Missouri

My horse-to-be got kicked. That hock injury put him on rest for four months, which turned other lookers away until I could find and buy him.

Kendal Stokes, North Carolina

I lost the nerve to buy. After finding what seemed to be “the perfect horse,” I began to doubt I was ready for ownership. I now work with three incredible geldings, and have the option to buy when I do feel that I’m ready for one of my own.

Ashlynn Abernathy, Alabama

I lost my horses. My “soul mate” mare when I was a teen injured her ankle and couldn’t be ridden. I bred her and was just starting the resulting 3-year-old filly when the filly was stolen. I took up painting horses instead of owning them and have been a happy, successful equine artist for some 40 years.

Susan von Borstel, California

A sale fell through. After college, I couldn’t afford to pay student loans and horse board. I sold my mare and cried myself to sleep that night. The next day, the buyer changed his mind. I shredded his check, consolidated my loans, and still have that mare—she’s now 24.

Regan Hill, Minnesota

My mare injured herself. She rolled into electric fencing, tearing a chunk out of her leg. I took her to my trainer’s place to heal. Besides recovering completely, she’s learned patience and how to be in an active barn. Now we’re becoming the team I’ve dreamed of!

Kathi Van Camp, Washington State

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