10 Unique Careers in the Horse Industry

Did you know you can have a career involving horses without actually having to climb on and ride one everyday?

We all wish that we could get paid to spend time with horses. But that doesn’t mean we’re ready to drop everything and become a horse trainer or professional rider. Have you ever thought about finding a job in the equine industry that doesn’t involve riding? Learn how from ten experts who have actually made it happen—and they aren’t horse trainers.

1. Be a Digital Editor for an Equine Publication

Jenna Link from The Team Roping Journal and Breakaway Journal chats with Jillian about finding a career in equine digital media. The two talk about how they got where they are today and advise others looking to have a career in the equine industry. Tune in to get to know Jenna and learn the ins and outs of equine publishing!

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2. Work for an Association

On this episode of The Ride, Jillian talks with the media and communications manager at the United States Eventing Association, Meagan DeLisle. The two talk about Meagan’s unique job and how she was able to carve a career in the horse industry. Plus, Jillian asks Meagan all about her recent discipline transition in her personal horse life. Tune in now to hear how this English rider found her way to a pair of cowboy boots and a new love for an unexpected discipline.

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3. Become a Team Coach

Nichole and Jillian sit down with the head Western coach of Midway University’s equestrian team, Conner Smith. They discuss how Conner found his way to riding IHSA in college and what inspired him to launch his coaching career at such a young age. Jillian and Nichole also rode for a team in college. So this episode is filled with information about the collegiate riding experience. Conner explains what he looks for in a potential team member and what to do if you consider joining a collegiate riding team.

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4. Learn How to Be a Farrier

Travis Burns is an Associate Professor of Practice in the department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech. Travis is a Certified Journeyman Farrier with Therapeutic and Educator Endorsements from the American Farrier’s Association. He is also a Fellow in the Worshipful Company of Farriers from the United Kingdom. Travis has served the American Farrier’s Association in the past as President, regional director, chairman of the education committee, and tester. He currently serves as an examiner for the association’s certification program.

Tune in to learn about the American Farrier’s Association and the importance of using a certified farrier. Learn more about the AFA now by visiting americanfarriers.org/!

5. Work in Equine Marketing

Nichole and Jillian sit down with their co-worker and AskAnnie podcast host, Annie Kennedy! This episode is packed full of details about Annie’s job as the Consumer Marketing Manager at the Equine Network. Tune in to learn more about what equine marketing entails, and learn how you can get your foot in the door.

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6. Become a Horse Show Announcer

Chelsea Sutton joins Jillian and Nichole to chat about her exciting career as a reining horse show announcer. As the first woman to announce the main arena at the NRHA Derby, Chelsea shares thrilling stories from being on the front line during some of the most memorable events in the Western horse industry. If you want to hear all about the behind-the-scenes action of horse show production, plus learn where you can listen to the playlists Chelsea uses at major events, and learn about her newest venture as a co-author of the book Wisdom of the Silver Sisters, this episode is a must-listen!

7. Be an Equine Veterinarian

H&R’s contributing veterinarian, Dr. Barb Crabbe, DVM, joins Nichole and Michaela to talk about how she came to join the H&R team, why she became a vet, and why you should always pick up your longe whips from the center of the round pen. This episode is filled with insight from an equine veterinarian who loves to educate owners on horse health.

8. Work as an Equine Photographer or Photojournalist

Award-winning freelance equestrian photojournalist Nancy Jaffer produced a weekly horse sports column for The Star-Ledger of New Jersey for 43 years. It was the largest paper in the country to feature such a weekly column about the equestrian scene. Tune in to hear Nancy’s stories from the most prestigious equestrian competitions in the world and to find out how she forged her own path in a male-dominated industry.

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9. Work for an Equine Brand

Lizzie Resnick is the Director of Customer Care at SmartPak. Her longstanding passion for horses began at a young age and followed her through and beyond her education, focusing on animal science. Tune in to get some tangible advice on how to explore careers you are interested in. Next, hear from Lizzie on what it is like working for a company that so many of us know and love: SmartPak!

10. Become a Horse Show Judge

Kathryn Kope is a nationally-carded judge with many breeds and associations and an AQHA and APHA Professional Horseman. In addition to judging prestigious events across the United States, she is also known for giving clinics. In this episode, Kathryn stopped by to chat with Nichole and Jillian about her experiences judging around the world. The three also discuss how the horse industry has changed and what riders can do to change with it. She gives advice to riders and trainers of all levels who are looking to take their riding and competition level up a notch. If you want to learn about the Western horse industry around the world, this episode is a must-listen!

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