Trivia Challenge: Do You Know About Collegiate Riding?

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How much do you know about collegiate riding programs? 

1. What does IHSA stand for? 

A. International Horse Shows Association 

B. Interscholastic Horse Show Association 

C. Intercollegiate Horse Show Association 

2. T/F: Students have to own a horse to compete through IHSA. 

True or False 

3. Do schools provide care and maintenance for the school horses? 

A. No

B. Yes, they usually take very good care of the horses. 

C. Colleges don’t have horses. 

4. T/F: Colleges find horses to lease or purchase. 

True or False 

5. T/F: IHSA teams are non-profit organizations, so any donations are tax-deductible. 

True or False 


1. C. IHSA stands for the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association which was founded in 1967 and offers both English and Western competitions. 

2. False! Students don’t have to own their own horses to compete. Riders will randomly be assigned a horse to compete on and they don’t get any warm-up time. 

3. B. Yes, colleges usually take very good care of the horses and provide shoeing, dental, vaccinations, etc. A lot of schools use the horses in their equine studies programs so sometimes they even get treatments with PEMF and Magnawave devices! 

4. True. Often schools will look for horses that are available for lease or donation or will purchase horses for their program. 

5. True. All donations to an IHSA team are tax-deductible. Even a horse donation! 

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