I Don’t Ride Without My…

You tell us which piece of secondary tack or equipment you value the most.

Spurs. Not only do they help my amazing horse “listen” to quieter cues, but the feel and sound of them are so comforting to me that I can’t go riding without them.

Credit: Illustration by Navah Rae Adams

Emily Steffen, Florida

Sports medicine boots. They give my horse so much support and are fashionable, too, coming in so many different patterns. Definitely for hard work like gaming, reining, jumping, etc.

Erin Stans, Wisconsin

Mounting block. I have multiple sclerosis and this underappreciated piece of equipment, with my trainer’s assist, enables me to mount any horse under 17 hands tall. I literally can’t do without my treasured mounting block.

Dianne Kean, Tennessee

Breastcollar. My family goes on a lot of trail rides—in the mountains. The breastcollar keeps my saddle from slipping and sliding all over the place.

Megan Rizzo, North Carolina

Polo wraps. They adjust for every size and have so many uses—protecting and supporting joints and tendons during arena work and hauling; helping injuries heal; guarding against scratches out on brushy trails. I use them for everything!

Cassandra Carl, Oregon

‘Luggable Loo.’ It’s a plastic toilet seat that snaps on top of a bucket to make the perfect portable potty for overnight horse camping. (I use clumping kitty litter in the bottom of the bucket.)

Kelly Molnar, Texas

Safety helmet. It fits well and is so comfortable I forget I have it on. In at least two instances, it’s saved me from serious injury from “unplanned dismounts.” Didn’t used to wear one…do now!

Gayle Giza, Pennsylvania 

Horn bags. They straddle my saddle horn and are terrific for trail rides. Each bag has an easy-to-access water-bottle holder; the zippered compartments hold a hoof pick, treats, snacks, ACTHA-ride obstacle descriptions, you name it. I got mine used for $10! 

Jan Beyers, California

Carrot stick and 22-foot lead line.

Linda Garrett, Texas

Multicolored leg wraps. They protect my horse’s legs during every ride and keep him flashy in the show pen.

Megan D’Andrea, Ohio

Sun visor. My horse Dakota is part Appaloosa and has uveitis. To protect her eyes during rides, she wears one of her many fashionable sun visors.

Karen Luckett, California

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