Dream-Horse Color, Markings

You describe the coat color and face/leg markings that your dream horse would have.

Light grulla with dark points, black stripes on his legs, and no white anywhere. To die for.

Credit: Illustration by Bonnie Timmons

Pat Worthington, Texas

Black-and-white tobiano with a star/stripe/snip. Paints are my dream!

Jade Bartnicki, Utah

Chestnut with lots of chrome—similar to my current gelding, with a blaze and three white stockings. He’s flashy!

Michele Buckley, Ontario, Canada

Palomino. While every good horse is always a good color, I’m drawn to golden and white. Probably because of Roy Rogers and Trigger?

Hannah Timonen, Michigan

Pure black with long, curly tresses (mane, forelock, tail) and a star.

Olivia Cornell, Pennsylvania

Light, golden chestnut with a snowflake Appaloosa pattern over the croup and four white socks.

Jolene Franklin, Colorado

Black with a perfect star on his forehead. (To be my dream equine, though, he’d also have to be a calm, loving horse that listens to everything I tell him.)

Kinsey Shankles, Tennessee

Jet black with a long, flowing mane and tail had been my dream, but when Bella, my golden palomino, came along, she changed my life forever.

Autumn Fetterolf, Pennsylvania

Black-and-white tobiano, like Little Joe Cartwright’s horse, Cochise, on the television show Bonanza.

Sheila Ford, Idaho

Mahogany bay, roundish star, no white on legs. Classic!

Lynn Winslow, California

Black with a blaze and four white stockings. His name would be New Moon’s Onyx Express, and his barn name would be Onyx.

Hannah Castles, Oklahoma

Blue roan with a star—that would definitely turn heads.

Megan D’Andrea, Ohio

Black with a long, white mane and tail. He’d also have white feathers on his legs and a bald face with two ice-blue eyes. “Ghost” would be his name.

Meghan Hanson, Oklahoma

Sorrel with a flaxen mane and tail and a narrow blaze.

Carol Lambert, Washington

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