Eccentric Western Furniture You Have to See to Believe

Western fashion is a blend of cultures and these pieces of furniture display the heritage that embody cowboy culture and the Western way of life.


If bold is the statement you look to make in your home, these pieces are the ones you should add to you decor collection. Made as one-of-a-kind artwork, these furniture items are things you truly have to see to believe. 

Cattlemen’s Home Interior’s design. Shop here. Michaela Jaycox
Great Blue Heron Furniture design. Shop here! Michaela Jaycox
Steel Strikes Leather Products, Inc. design. Shop here. Michaela Jaycox
Maverick Art’s design. Shop exclusively at Cowboy Christmas at the Fort Worth Convention Center. Michaela Jaycox
Treestump Woodcrafts design. Shop here! Michaela Jaycox
Wyld at Heart Customs design. Shop here. Michaela Jaycox

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