Five Easy Horse Show Snacks

Skip the line at the concession stand and pack these easy snacks for your next horse show.

The concession stands at a horse show can be a quick and easy place to grab a snack, but it isn’t always the healthiest option. If you’re going to be at a show all weekend, it’s always a good idea to pack some food so you’re not spending all your time (and money) at the concession stand. 

1. Mandarin Oranges 

Oranges are easy to pack and you don’t have to worry about keeping them cold or properly sealed throughout the weekend. 

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Simply grab a bag of mandarin oranges at the grocery store and throw them on the table at the horse show. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they get gobbled up! Halos mandarins are sweet and easy to peel so you can enjoy them almost anywhere. They’re also a healthy and refreshing alternative to candy and will give you the second wind you need to get through the end of the weekend, without the sugar crash. Your horse might even enjoy a bite! 

[For more on horse snacks: Horse Treats: The Goodness in a Snack

2. Protein Bars 

For a quick and filling snack, protein bars are an easy option. 

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Look for ones that have more protein than sugar. Even if it looks healthy, they can be filled with sugar and other hidden fillers. One good option is the RXBar protein bars. They are made with simple and clean ingredients like dates, nuts, and egg whites and have around 15 grams of protein. These are good if you don’t have access to a cooler or air conditioning because they won’t melt in the heat

3.  Sunflower Seeds 

These might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like salty snacks, it’s worth giving them a try. Sunflower seeds are great for snacking when you’re bored (or waiting for your class to start) because they are so little and require some work to eat. They are a great healthy alternative to chips that will satisfy your salty cravings. 

4. Beef Jerky 

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Similar to protein bars, beef jerky is a great option if you’re looking for protein. The brand CHOMPS has a variety of flavors from Italian beef to original turkey. As an added bonus, this protein-packed snack is Paleo/Whole30 friendly, certified gluten-free, and has zero sugar. Grab a few of these and keep them in your back pack, groom bag, or tack room for a quick and filling snack. 

[For more on horse show food: Pantry in a Box]

5. Flavored Water 

While this may not seem like a snack, water can be a very filling option. You don’t realize how much you’re sweating while at a horse show, and it is so important to stay hydrated. If plain water doesn’t catch your interest, there are a lot of easy ways to add flavor that might make it feel more satisfying and filling. 

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The brand MiO has an easy squeeze-tube design that is convenient and will enhance more than just your water’s taste. With options for adding energy, vitamins, or electrolytes all with zero calories and natural sweetener, MiO definitely needs a place in your horse show snack bag. 

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