Gallop Poll: Planning a Halloween Costume?

With this survey, we want to find out if you’ll be creating a horsey Halloween costume this year. Please take our poll, then check results in the October 2018 issue of Horse&Rider.

Are you planning a costume for your horse this Halloween? Illustration by Navah Rae Adams

Costumes for horses and riders are especially challenging to figure out—but all the more fun as a result. We’re curious to know if you’re planning to create a costume for you and your horse, or someone else and their horse (perhaps a child?) this Halloween. It might be for a freestyle event at a show, a fun class at a local playday, or even a low-key party around the barn. Please complete the poll, then check the results of this survey in the “Saddle Chat” section of our October 2018 issue to learn how other readers responded.

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