Hay Net Hack

Hay nets can be a great way to keep you horse’s stall tidy and slow down a fast eater, but they can get messy to fill if you don’t have a good system in place.

Photo by Jillian Sinclair

To help make filling hay nets easier, put the net in an empty trash can as if it were a garbage bag. Stretch the opening around the trash can so you have a large open space that you can easily put hay flakes in to fill the bag. This tip will also keep the hay from getting all over your feed room’s floor. 

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Neat and Tidy

Keep your tack room organized all year with these helpful products. 

1. Simplify Supplements

Avoid clutter by using SmartPaks—custom-made, pre-measured doses of your horse’s supplements that
come in a handy drawer. Visit smartpakequine.com for more info. 

2. Lock it Away 

Keep moisture, rodents, and bugs out of your feed. This bin has a sealed fit to keep grain fresh, and can store up to 300 pounds of feed. $169.99; sstack.com.

3. Save Your Scoops

Cut down on the number of scoops you have in your feed room by using an all-in-one scoop with measurements on the side, so you always know how much you’re feeding. $9.88; jtidist.com.