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Molly Powell is Horse&Rider OnDemand’s newest barrel racing expert.

Access barrel racing training videos anytime, anywhere with Horse&Rider OnDemand. Recently, the video streaming platform added 10x National Finals Rodeo barrel racer Molly Powell to its lineup of influential trainers. During Molly Powell’s barrel racing series, you’ll dive deep into the sport of barrel racing and learn how to fix common problems riders run into when they’re on the pattern, plus basic horsemanship skills that’ll help you outside of a barrel pattern. With more than 30 years of barrel racing experience, Molly’s able to provide insight that’ll help you and your horse, whether you’re competing on the rodeo trail or heading to a weekend jackpot.

Watch Molly Powell’s videos on Horse&Rider OnDemand. Michaela Jaycox

“The barrel racing videos we released with Shali Lord were well received, so we decided to go to H&R expert Molly Powell for even more barrel racing content” Horse&Rider OnDemand video producer Michaela Jaycox says. “Molly has a vast knowledge for barrel racing and is credited to be one of the best bit gurus in the sport. When it comes to breaking down the pieces of a barrel racing run, she brings a skillset that has been shaped by years of competition and experience. We think everyone will benefit from her content.”

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