I’m Especially Proud That I…

You share the most memorable goal you’ve attained with your horse.

Galloped. It felt amazing—like flying—when I finally went all out on Cisco, my dun gelding.

Jennifer Schrock, Wyoming

Won a blue. I showed my Saddlebred in a large class and was so surprised when my name was called for first place.

Abby Maunu, Minnesota

Won the world. At age 56, I hauled 26 hours to Oklahoma to the Pinto World Show, where I won a Dale Chavez saddle with my rescued Paint gelding. I’ve shown horses all my life, but this was my first world show!

Lori Daniels, Florida

Taught my horse to ‘fetch.’ I did it while grounded for a month after hernia surgery. My off-the-track Thoroughbred learned to do it in less than a week. Eventually he would fetch anything I threw that he could heft, usually trotting back eagerly to return it.

Susan Margolin, California

Defied gravity. I learned to ride (bareback) on a skittish, runaway, bucking Welsh pony. After weeks of hitting the ground, I finally managed to ride her out and she never ran away or bucked again.

Wanda Graham, Arkansas

Won a grand championship. My first year in 4-H I took the top prize on a new horse I didn’t even own. Within a month, he became my first horse.

Jade Bartnicki, Utah

Got filmed. My goal achieved is the videotaping I did with clinician Julie Goodnight.

Bridget Webber, Vermont

Loped. My gelding refused to pick up a canter. We spent months going slow and easy, as I didn’t have anyone to advise me. Oh, the wonderful feeling when he finally stepped into a lope without bucking or head tossing! And no problems since.

Erin Hillman, Missouri

Taught a Spanish walk. It helped my mare recover from EPM; she now does it on command. She also does it when she’s confused—her way of telling me to be clearer with my aids.

Kaitlyn Lorentz, Colorado