How I Came by My Latest Horse

You tell us where you found and how you acquired your newest horse.

We took the trailer to Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico, where horse traders showed us horses that jigged, limped, and bucked. In the end we had the best luck right here in Arizona, where we found Shooter, a calm, willing, easy-riding guy with nice gaits.

Sue Tipton, Arizona

I got my new horse for free about a year ago, and she’s the sweetest horse we’ve ever had. I was surprised they were giving her away; I had her for just two weeks before she was fully broke.

Pam Hoover, Washington

I first saw Goldie, a Haflinger/Arabian cross, 10 years ago at a friend’s home in Indiana. In 2009 that friend moved to Alabama, and last fall the mare was for sale. Now she’s mine. A win-win for all!

Susan Crawford, Alabama

A “hypoallergenic Curly foal” caught my eye because he appealed not only to my own horse craving but also to my husband’s “allergy to everything.” HCH Make My Day (Linus) is now 5 and an integral part of our family.

Donna Wilson, Ontario, Canada

I swapped my too-small, 3-year-old reining-bred colt for an Alabamian’s larger Quarter Horse mare. Lily is now 8 and has earned her Register of Merit in dressage. She’s also a fantastic trail horse.

Joni Patten, Georgia

I found my retired Standardbred racehorse, Yoyo, through the adoption organization Sunshine Horses in Syracuse, New York. His sweet disposition brings a smile to my heart, plus he’s a wonderful companion to my 33-year-old blind Quarter Horse mare, Rose.

M. J. Darrow, New York

I saw her on Craigslist and her eyes spoke to me. A 14-year-old mustang, she was all bones, dead hair, and bruised feet. She’s become my favorite trail horse.

Dee Whitt, North Carolina

We found our gelding online and out of state. We never met him in person until he got off the trailer. Boy, were we lucky: He was exactly as advertised.

Anne Wallace, Colorado

He found me. A neighbor asked if I wanted a horse—an untrained, 4-year-old gelding…with beautiful eyes. I said yes! without hesitation and have never regretted it.

Erin “Cowboy” Hillman, Missouri

An abused, 13.2-hand rescue pony, Zoey flunked out of the children’s program at my Paint gelding’s stable. (She bolted.) She was auction-bound when I gave her a second career. We now succeed at dressage, a sport overloaded with expensive warmbloods and almost no ponies.

Suzanne Reigel, Pennsylvania

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