My Collection: A Trove of Bits

Merrilee Doss shares her collection of bits.

The Collector

Merrilee Doss, Hurricane, Utah

The Collection

A trove of bits—a century in the making—hang on a rack; each telling its own story of Doss’ father’s Western horse life. “It all started with the purchase of a used bit in 1936,” Doss shares. “It’s now a collection of more than 150 bits and bridles my father used, admired, and acquired during his 60-plus years of ranching in Nevada, Oregon, and California.”

Some of the bridles photographed were used for everyday activities, while others were purchased because of their history. “My father, Richie Morgan, used many of these bits on his bridle horses on ranches, at brandings, or in local horse shows,” Doss explains. “Other bits were acquired merely because he knew they had a great story to tell.”

Courtesy of Merrilee Doss
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