My Collection: Farrier’s Tools

Horseshoer Mike Milster shares the story behind his farrier tools.

Nichole Chirico

The Collector

Mark Milster, Purcell, Oklahoma

The Collection

Unique pieces created by close friends and tools that’ve helped achieve world championship titles are some of the items you’ll see in this acclaimed farrier’s workshop. His collection includes an assortment of farriery tools made by legendary craftsmen, including Jay Sharp; Shane Carter; Jim Poor; and Milster’s personal mentor, Jim Keith.

“The hammer second to the left was the tool I used to win a world championship at the 2001 Calgary Stampede,” he shares. “If you look close enough, you’ll see the last nail used in that competition is still in the hammer.” In 2004, Milster went back to Calgary and took home a championship win in forging. That resulted in the one-of-a-kind trophy hammer on the far left, created by Sharp and Carter.

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