My Collection: Parade Tack

A saddle-and-bridle set that's been in one rider's family for three generations.

Mallory Beinborn

The Collector

Brooke Ingstad, Fargo, North Dakota

The Collection

This saddle-and-bridle set, designed in the 1920s, has been in Brooke Ingstad’s family for three generations. “My grandfather bought this parade tack 70 years ago,” Ingstad shares. “He used it on his horse to participate in parades in Valley City, North Dakota.”

Although Ingstad never had the chance to know her grandfather personally, she says having his parade tack nearby connects her to him in a special way. “If I met him, I think we’d have a strong bond because of our love for horses,” she explains. “Every time I look at his old tack, I’m reminded that horses have been a huge part of my family for generations, and being on a horse’s back is exactly where I’m meant to be.” 

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