My Collection: Pole Bending Awards

Mattie Moore's collection of pole bending awards.

The Collector:

Mattie Moore, Harrisonville, Missouri

The Collection:

Moore’s collection of pole bending awards dates back to when she was in middle school and has a special place in her heart because she won the awards competing on horses she bred and trained herself.

“In 2010, I lost my horse Floppy unexpectedly. It was a long, tough two years getting my backup horse (Cinco) trained and competitive in the pole bending, but we finally made it to the top,” Moore shares. “Winning the saddle was most meaningful because it was the first major award Cinco won. It also helped show me I could still be a champion even with Floppy gone.”

All of the awards have Moore’s name engraved on them along with her horses’ names, because she knows winning them was a team effort. 

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