My Collection: Western Holiday Ornaments

Jane Barron's Western holiday ornaments allow her to express her love for Western heritage.

Courtesy of Jane Barron

The Collector:

Jane Barron, Littleton, Colorado

The Collection:

“I’m known to family and friends as a huge fan of the holidays,” Barron shares. “Every room of our home is decorated. My tree is quite eclectic, with ornaments from all aspects of my family’s life, but my favorite decorations express my love for Western heritage. Even my first pair of cowboy boots serves as part of our holiday décor.

“Most of the ornaments I cherish were gifts from friends and family who recognize my love of horses and all things Western,” she continues. “It’s a treat to unpack each piece, recall its origin, and enjoy it for the season. I then carefully pack every ornament—including the new ones added to my collection—for safe keeping until the next year.”

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