Will You Ever Sell Your Horse?

You reveal whether you’d ever part with the horse you own now.

Absolutely not. In 2000 I saw Quincy through his foot surgery, and in 2010 and 2011 he saw me through treatments for breast and colon cancers. He gave me a reason to get up and fight.

Maryanne Orloff, Florida

Never. I got my POA mare for my ninth birthday. She can be a brat, but she’s still my best friend.

Madilyn Fisher, Indiana

Nope. My big, gray 13-year-old gelding will take me into my old age. I always admired Dick Sonoita, a gray Quarter Horse stallion of the 1970s. Now his grandson is everything I ever wanted in a saddle horse…handsome, smooth, respectful, gentle.

Pat Canter, Nevada

Can’t imagine it. I’ve owned my 15-year-old Paint, Treo, since he was 2. We’ve shown successfully and logged trail miles. Though I now have health issues, his loyalty has earned him a home with me and a special place in my heart.

Michelle Heiland, Pennsylvania

No. My 20-year-old gelding, an awesome barrel racer, is a hard keeper. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to care for him.

Sadie Gaskins, Florida

Not if I can help it. Truman, 25½, worked most of his life gathering cattle in rough country. I’ll always take the best care of him I possibly can.

Dee Whitt, Arizona

No. Brisco has taught me to work hard and become a strong person. We’ve won 4-H ribbons and created great memories. I wouldn’t trade him for the best horse ranch in the world!

Jocelyn Frasier, Montana

Never. I formed a bond with my mare and have taught her many tricks, including kiss, hug, and smile. I wouldn’t give that up.

Kristen Borchert, Minnesota

No. Diego, my Peruvian Paso gelding, and I have traversed rough terrain, climbed steep mountains, splashed through lakes and the ocean, and camped often. He’ll live out his life with me.

Jan Chait, California

Never. My mare was given to me for free after I’d prayed for her for a year. Then, too, my whole family loves her, and losing her would send my brother’s goat into a depression.

Madison Dye, Virginia

I hope not. If circumstances do someday require me to sell my part-Arabian gelding, I’ll strive to make sure he goes to a good, permanent home.

Eleanor Hobbs, California

Probably. Realistically, I’ll have to sell my Quarter Horse mare when I go off to college. She’s young and has most of her career ahead of her. I won’t be back to horses for a while.

Alyssa Cranley, Colorado

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