Styles in the Spotlight

Make the best impression in the show pen with these show blankets.

Stand Out in the Show Pen

When you step into the show pen, presentation matters. And while the way you present your horse varies depending on the class (for example in ranch riding you won’t see blinged- out shirts or fake tails), having quality gear that fits your horse is always important. This red-and-black pad ($267.29; features a handwoven New Zealand wool topper. It will pair great with your favorite red or black button-down shirt. Plus, it’s designed with your horse’s comfort and performance in mind. It features a leather-contoured spine and wither to keep the center of the pad in place and lifted.


Find your way into the winner’s circle with this wizard-inspired show pad set. If you and your horse are hard-working, friendly, and loyal, like the traits of a certain lovable house, you need this set that features one ranch pad and one pleasure pad. $385;

Sustainable Saddle Pads

Quality matters in the arena. That’s why these saddle blankets are made following many sustainability guidelines. Made of 50% Mohair and 50% New Zealand wool, these pads are soft and will stand the test of time. $550;

Budget-Friendly Blanket

Having a budget when competing is a must! If you’re looking for a new pad for the show year but don’t want to break the bank, this camel-colored pad featuring pops of burgundy, green, and blue is for you. Made of a pressed felt with a Merino fleece bottom—that is moisture-wicking—this pad is perfect for an all-day horse show. $109.99;

Make an Impact

You’re seeing a lot of earth tones in the show pen this year. Which is why this river-inspired blanket featuring soft green and aqua elements is the perfect pad for summer. Not only does this pad stand out thanks to its colors, it also offers protection by moving shock, weight, and heat laterally throughout the gel. $350;

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